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November 21st, 2008

I don’t know about you all, but since it is the ending of the semester I have been feeling some stress. I think a lot of it is dealing with the semester winding down; I have some major projects due in my Writing 124 class and my Art 131 class. I have a writing portfolio due on the 25th and my art portfolio on the 24th or 26th. Plus any tests and family holiday engagements happening adds to it.

I haven’t really been much of a Thanksgiving person. I enjoy being able to get together with my family, but it all depends on how it follows through. I love my family and I try to love them as much as I am able, but we don’t always see eye to eye. I try to be in touch, calls aren’t returned, and then possible drama may follow. It is silly to me because I would hope that there would be an understanding with how busy I have been with school. What do you do though? Family will be family and you can always hope for the best since you can’t choose who they are.

Anyways, is anyone going to see John Legend? I am excited for you! I would love to go chill out listening to him charm his way through the airwaves live. I don’t know why I get into him so much, but there is something about listening to his music that can make you think and/or relax. Then on the other side of music that I love, I was sad that I missed the Nine Inch Nails concert recently because the tickets sold out fast. I know! Polar opposites of anything in the musical realm, right? It is funny to me how eclectic my musical tastes are.

I keep on trucking through this semester no matter how frustrating, exciting, or difficult it seems. I just get so stressed out trying to figure out what classes I need next semester while I am trying to finish up the current one. I know there are plenty of people feeling that right now so I am not alone. It is definitely hard! Especially since after going to school for the Web Design curriculum and deciding to switch over to the Environmental Technology one. I finally made the decision to switch because it looks that I am able get a job with a two-year degree in Environmental Technology than with my Web Design. Don’t get me wrong though; I LOVED all of my classes in the Web Design curriculum. Even the programming ones! My inner environmentalist also assisted in the switch over. It should all play out well. It is hard to make major decisions when there are so many interests I have.

I hope that everyone has a good holiday. Take care of yourselves and happy studying!

Gretchen G.

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