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October 31st, 2008

Even though this week has been seemingly uneventful for me, I have been quite busy. Strange how that works out! I was totally excited about not having construction at the Grand and Shiawassee corner and it was short termed excitement because the Board of Water and Light have been doing something on Grand lately. Oh well. It doesn’t seem as crazy as it was with the construction. Thank goodness.

I have to go to the doctor again and I am not excited about it. I am kind of nervous. Maybe it will be eased once something is figured out and hopefully isn’t anything major. I just don’t like going to the doctor, who does? As long as I can start feeling better is all I care about. Some days are better than others and I prefer all days to be as good as possible.

I have been procrastinating on some of my homework. Not a good thing I know, but I think it is because it seems like such a big thing until I get going with it. I will get going on it this weekend though. Plus I get to do some art projects, which are always fun for me until I start judging how it looks. It is very relaxing when I do my projects though, at least until my other cat tries to come and “help out” by laying on it! Ha-ha! So cute and annoying all at the same time.

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. I was excited for it. I decorated my porch and got it all spooky, bought a ton of candy, and did my face up to look like a zombie. I even messed my hair up and put leaves in it. Got the scary noises rolling with the smoke machine and strobe light to hand candy out. There weren’t as many trick-or-treaters this year as the last few. I was a little sad, but of course it was on a Friday night so maybe because of other events happening parents did it earlier or not at all this year? I had fun with the ones that came around at least.

Happy Dia de los Muertos! If anyone celebrates, I really like this holiday and its history. I think it is a nice way to remember and honor those that are loved that have passed on.

Take care.

Gretchen G.

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