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October 6th, 2008

Each and every week were faced with new challenges. It is how we deal with these challenges that seem to make the difference. This week has been no different than any other week, with one major exception; the passing of my Grandmother.

Unfortunately we were not real close. A variety of issues was the cause of our becoming somewhat distant over the last 3 to 5 years. It was good to go and see some of my real father’s family, to extend my blessings to them. Also to give my grandmother the respect she deserved.

This week at school has been challenging as usual. A mid-term exam in Computer programming class, in which I could have done better if I would have been more prepared. Something I pride myself on, being prepared. Instead of letting it get me down and kicking myself for it, I just had to let it go. After all I also have a math test to do well on this week too! Life is about learning, and sometimes in my life the learning has been difficult; it must be that rebel in me!

This also applies to last week‘s theme of working on creating a better balance in my life. This, as I’ve said here is always a work in progress. A learning process that is; but then again, that is, why I came back to school, to learn. I just didn’t know I’d learn so much about the man that I am!

Again thanks for allowing me to share!

To all, Have a Great Week!!!

Jeffrey D.

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