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October 17th, 2008

This week I have been thinking a lot of changing my major from RN/BSN to Social Work. But I am really torn. I know I would enjoy both. But this first Biology class has me kind of turned off on taking a bunch of Biology. Frankly, I am not sure that I want to put myself through all that pain! So I went to Counseling & Advising and made an appointment with Rafeeq who is one of the counselors that deals with transfer students. I guess I am just weighing my options at this point and trying to make a good decision.

My husband said he knows I will be good at whichever major I decide on. But that doesn't really help me make a decisive choice. UGH! I think I will call my sister and ask her opinion. She is in the Nursing Program part-time now. So she will know what I am feeling like. And she never has a problem with telling me what she thinks and helping me decide what is the best choice.

My kids are doing great! My five year old, Cameron, can't wait for Halloween. He and his daddy chose a Spiderman costume! I was more inclined to pick something cute like a bunny or a puppy or something but they picked Spiderman of all things! At least he's the red and blue "GOOD" Spiderman though I guess I should be thankful! I picked out a piglet costume for my 7 month old daughter Izabelle. She is going to look so cute! 

Kristy S.

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