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Trio Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Lansing Community College's TRIO program provides the support to help you meet your educational goals. TRIO's services are:

Academic Advising

Academic advising synthesizes and contextualizes students' educational experiences within the frameworks of their aspirations, abilities and lives to extend learning beyond campus boundaries and timeframes.


TRiO Tutoring is available for active participants in the LCC TRiO Program. TRiO tutoring is free of charge and can assist students with various academic subjects including math, science, writing, and others. If TRiO tutors are not available in the courses requested, efforts will be made to find alternative sources of assistance. TRiO students are encouraged to actively seek help from LCC Learning Commons,, the Writing Center, the Library, the academic departments, and if necessary, the ODSS. In addition to course specific tutoring, students can receive help with reading, note-taking, time management, and test-taking strategies. Tutoring takes place in the TRiO Learning Center with a drop-in format. During drop-in tutoring, TRiO tutors will be available for intermittent help. Benefits of the group atmosphere for students include students learning from each other, receiving a diversity of ideas and points of view, and gaining an appreciation for differences in backgrounds, personalities, and intellectual styles.

Educational Development Plans (EDP)

The EDP is the document we use at Lansing Community College to summarize the courses you will taken and when you will take them. It is based on your goal and the time and money you are able to commit to your education. Should your goals change, it is important to update your EDP so it stays current.

SSS College Success Tracks

There are three SSS College Success Tracks designed to assist and guide students to develop essential college success strategies and to explore academic, career related and personal development topics. Placement into one of the three SSS College Success Tracks is based partly on assessment test scores, number of earned credits, type of courses taken, and overall cumulative GPA. Each SSS College Success Track is a progression of content, skills learned, and overall academic awareness from the previous track.

Student Development Courses

Student Development courses promote personal growth and assist with academic and career goals. They are generally one or two credits, with many offered conveniently on the weekends, evenings and on the Internet. They offer an opportunity to work on personal growth and development issues in a group setting. In SDEV, we understand that many students have families, jobs and other responsibilities that make returning to college a difficult undertaking. Our goal is to help make your transition into college a successful one.

Student Development courses will help you explore your personal potential. They can help you to take an active role in defining what is right for you.

Leadership and Graduation & Transfer Workshops

Leadership Workshops: Coming Soon...

Graduation & Transferring Workshops: The focus will be on graduation/transfer preparation, college visits, interviewing, professional portfolios, internships, networking, Financial Literacy (The Affect of Student Loans), Computer Literacy (application to career/graduation/transferring)

Cultural Enrichment Activities & College Visits

Coming Soon...

TRIO Student Services at Lansing Community College

TRIO Student Support Services
Gannon Bldg, Room 142
Phone: (517) 483-1161
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