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1.8 Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses

1.8.1 Compensation
1.8.2 Travel Expenses
1.8.3 College Business Related Expenses
1.8.4 Reports on Board and Individual Board Member Expenditures


No Compensation; Expense to be Reimbursed

No member of the Board shall receive any compensation for services rendered the College, but actual and necessary expenses incurred by them in performance of their duties shall be reimbursed when the expenses are authorized by the Board of Trustees by policy or by ad hoc decision.

 MCL 389.112.
(Amended 4/21/14)


College Meeting Business and Expenses

Trustees shall be eligible for reimbursement or direct payment of college business related expenses they incur as a result of their duties and activities as Trustees. Such eligible expenses shall be set forth in Board policy, which shall also establish approval and audit mechanisms that shall govern payment for such expenses.

Parameters for reimburse allowed:

  1.  Mileage:  Mileage reimbursement will be granted to trustees for any college event they attend in their official capacity, such as Board meetings, committee meetings, graduations or other college events they are invited to attend. 

  2. Cell phone/Computer and related carrier/ISP services: Trustees may receive a college issued cell phone and related carrier services for their use during their term of office.  Upon request, trustees may also receive a tablet and/or computer and related ISP service as provided by policy, if service to the trustee's residence is reasonably available. Such items must be used primarily for carrying out the trustee's college-related duties and business, and trustee are expected to reimburse the college for any additional expenses attributable to use of such equipment or service for personal purposes. Each trustee is expected to exercise reasonable care in the use, maintenance and security of the equipment and to reimburse the college for repair or replacement of equipment that is damaged or lost due to the trustee's failure to exercise reasonable care.

The above is consistent with Governance Policy GP-308.

(Adopted 9/18/06, Amended 4/20/09, 4/21/14)


Community Involvement and Outreach

The College benefits when trustees function as representatives, ambassadors and advocates for the College within the Lansing Community College District and within the broader communities from which the College draws students, faculty and staff, leadership, funding and other assets.  Trustees are encouraged to develop and enhance favorable relationships with students and alumni, faculty and staff, representatives of business and labor, donors, government officials, other educational institutions and Michigan's citizens.  To facilitate these endeavors, the College will pay or reimburse reasonable business and entertainment expenses incurred within the State for the primary purpose of supporting such relationships.  Any such expenditure must be completely documented, including the person(s) for whom the business or entertainment expense was incurred, the institutional purpose of the expenditure, the date of the expenditure and an itemized description of the expenditure.  All such expenditures should be planned in advance and are subject to budgetary limitations and to pre-approval by the Audit Committee.

This policy contemplates payment or reimbursement for expenditures such as: 

  1. Costs of participation in approved civic or service organizations within the College District (e.g., Urban League, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, etc.) if such participation may reasonably be expected to benefit the College;

  2. Meals with individuals whose participation may reasonably be expected to benefit the College;

  3. Tickets to LCC-related events (e.g., sporting events, performance events, etc.) when used for purposes reasonably expected to benefit the College (e.g., hosting individuals whose presence may reasonably be expected to benefit the College, etc.);

  4.  Promotional items of nominal value (e.g., cards, flowers, college logo clothing or mementos, etc.) when used for purposes reasonably expected to benefit the College;

  5.  Mileage, parking, etc., in connection with the foregoing. 

(Adopted 4/21/14)


Membership in Associations and Attendance at Meetings, Conferences and Workshops

  1. The Board recognizes the value of membership in state, regional, and national associations serving the educational and leadership interest of community colleges and their trustees.  The Board recognizes that these values are maximized by active participation in such associations at levels which are appropriate and supportive of College business.  Subject to Audit Committee approval, the Board expressly encourages and the College will pay or reimburse approved expenses in connection with the following:

    1. The attendance of its members at important meetings or conferences offered by the Michigan Community College Association or related entities (inclusive of the MCCA Summer Conference).

    2. The attendance of Board appointed delegates at all regularly scheduled meetings of to the Board of Directors of the Michigan Community College Association, and the attendance of designated members at regularly schedule meetings of MCCA committee on which they serve.

    3. The attendance of its members, twice per year, at meetings, conferences or workshops conducted by regional or national community college associations (e.g., the American Association of Community Colleges, the Association of Community College Trustees, etc.) or affiliated organizations.

    4. The attendance of Board members at regularly scheduled meetings of regional or national community college associations or affiliated organizations in which the member represents the College as an officer.

    5. The attendance of Board members at regularly scheduled meetings of committees of regional or national community college association or affiliated organizations on which the member serves as a representative of the College.

    6. Subject to pre-approval by the Audit Committee, the attendance of the Board Chairperson or his or her designee once per year at an international meeting or conference in furtherance of stated goals and objectives of the Sister College Program.
  2. Board members' travel arrangements for attendance at meetings, conferences and workshops will be coordinated through the Board Administrative Assistant.

  3. The College will pay, or Board members will be reimbursed, for reasonable and necessary business travel expenses in connection with the meetings, conferences and workshops described above, per parameters for allowed expenses and reimbursement.
    1. Registration fees:  Payment or reimbursement of registration fees related to meeting, conference or workshop, including fees for meals and receptions that are part of the regular agenda.
    2. Lodging:  Payment or reimbursement at Hotel conference rate.  If the host hotel is sold out, the college will book a room elsewhere at a comparable rate.  The difference will be noted and reported to the Audit Committee.  If, for any reason, a Trustee chooses to stay at a hotel with a higher rate than the conference rate or the comparable rate booked by the college, the Trustee must pay the difference. No savings will be reimbursed if the hotel booked is at a lower rate than the conference rate.   Any additional charges related to the accommodation of spouses, children or others staying with a Trustee will be the responsibility of the Trustee, except as otherwise provided by these bylaws.
    3. Transportation: Payment or reimbursement at the college rate. The College's general Travel Policy Administrative Guidelines will apply to travel by trustees except as provided in this policy or as otherwise determined by the Board of Trustees.  Because trustees are not compensated for their time, requests for specific airports, carriers, flights and schedules will be honored without personal expense to the trustee, provided such requests do not increase ticket costs more than $100 or 20% (whichever is greater) over the least expensive available coach/economy fare for suitable travel dates and times to and from Lansing/Capital Region International Airport.   If travel arrangements for a Trustee are made by the college and the Trustee changes those arrangements for personal reasons, the Trustee will reimburse the college for any net additional expense incurred for making those changes unless the Audit Committee determines the changes are reasonably necessary due to (a) illness, injury or death of the trustee, a person traveling with the trustee, or a person closely related to the trustee; (b) unforeseen and reasonably unavoidable conflicts with the trustee's business or employment obligations; or (c) other circumstances beyond the trustee's control that reasonably justify the additional cost incurred in making changes.  Other exceptions may be brought to the Audit Committee for approval. 
    4. Meals and Incidentals:  Reimburse at the college rate except for meals that are included in registration fees.

Expenses incurred for a spouse, family member or other person to accompany a trustee to a meeting, conference or workshop will not be paid or reimbursed by the College except when the Audit Committee determines in advance that the attendance of such person would materially benefit the College.

 The above is consistent with Governance Policy GP-308.

(Amended 10/17/05, 9/18/06, 4/20/09, 4/21/14)



Reports on Board and Individual Board Member Expenditures

The chief financial officer of Lansing Community College shall present to the Lansing Community College Board of Trustees quarterly reports detailing expenditures related to the board's activities and to individual trustee activities. The quarterly reports shall be reviewed by the board at regularly scheduled board meetings. The reports on expenditures shall include, but not be limited to the following items:

  1. Meetings of the board of trustees and board committees, whether designated as a standing, special, or ad hoc committee, a task force, or study group. The report shall identify, with reasonable specificity, each expenditure by category;
  2. Community involvement and outreach expenditure for each trustee;
  3. Conference, workshop or meeting attendance expenditures for each trustee, including by not limited to transportation expenses registration fees, mileage expenses and meals;
  4. Office operations expenses, including supplies, dues and subscriptions, technology costs and depreciation for computers, phones, etc;
  5. Professional and outside contractual services including legal services, consultant services, research and survey services.

(Adopted 9/15/08, Amended 4/21/14)

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