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LCC Board of Trustees 2014 Strategic Goals

  1. Marketing and Communications (E-106)

    1. Develop an integrated marketing and communications plan that is measurable and inclusive of the LCC constituency, including its employees.

    2. After development of the plan build capacity and infrastructure to enable excellent marketing and outreach that focuses on leveraging the strength of the college's events, personnel, programs and facilities. 

  2. Community Impact (E-103)

    1. Initiate and implement a community engagement plan that connects all constituencies to LCC and increases awareness of the college.

    2. Determine the metrics which can measure success.

  3. Student Success (E-105)

    1. Institutionalize a learning and supportive climate that embraces and sustains student success and customer service. 

    2. Create a robust honors program designed to attract top students with flexible, customizable and unique opportunities.

  4. Promote a Spirit of Excellence (E-107.1)

    1. Foster a culture of excellence through meaningful recognition of employee's performance and best practices.

    2. Institute specific programs designed to create a sense of pride, place and passion among college employees. 

  5. Quality Education (E-102)

    1. Greater measurable support of programs aimed at veterans.

    2. Invest in the infrastructure of the grants programs and that may include additional personnel.

  6. Asset Protection (EL-204)

    1. Ensure fiscal integrity and accountability as a steward of all funds entrusted to the college.

Adopted:  December 16, 2013

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