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Double Jump Tuesdays at 8pm on LCCTV

Episode 6

In this episode of Double Jump, host Dan Hartley gives Ecco the Dolphin a shot at reviewing games, explores Bill Miekka's huge arcade collection, interviews blogger Chris Fritz, features MSU student project Dust, and attempts to argue with Andrew Dennis about motion controls. The fun never stops on DOUBLE JUMP!

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Double Jump is Michigan's only local game show. Each episode host Dan Hartley explores gaming as a legitimate and mainstream form of art and entertainment. We'll explore the various facets of the medium itself with experts and designers, as well as games' impact on Michigan industries. Independent and local developers also have a voice here as well as any industries and educational facilities tied to them.

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Double Jump Blog

I'll admit it, I resent reading a little bit. Now, I do read constantly, but not as many actual books as I should, I suppose. While shooting interviews for my upcoming libraries and gaming segment, something got me a little annoyed. Nobody complains about books making you fat...

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