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L-town Studios on LCCTV

What's L-town Studios?

L-town Studios is a documentary music series that features Mid-Michigan's rising artists. L-town introduces the viewer to talented Midwest performers each episode through an in-depth interview about life on the road. When cameras start rolling inside the L-Town Studios, music fans get a unique glimpse of a live studio session inside LCC's state of the art studio.

Frontier Ruckus

Watch the full L-Town Studios episode with Frontier Ruckus. The group gives an intimate performance inside L-town Studios. Then we headed over to Holden Hall, home of WDBM at MSU, where Frontier Ruckus got their start to chat.

View full episodes on Vimeo:

Frontier Ruckus

Billiards Music

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

Griff 'n John's After Hours Experience


L-town Studios is on facebook!

L-town Studios on facebookL-town Studios is now on facebook. Stay updated on everything going on in the studio, right from the convenience of your facebook feed!

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