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Lesson 6: Desire2Learn (D2L)

Desire2Learn (D2L) is LCC’s current Course Management System (CMS). A D2L link is available on the myLCC toolbar or by typing into the URL bar of any browser. Using the myLCC toolbar link doesn’t require an additional login.

D2L myLCC link located at the top of the myLCC page.

Two weeks before the start of the semester, all scheduled courses will have D2L course shells created and students added as they enroll. The instructor will have access to the course shell at that time. The course is initially empty and it is the responsibility of the instructor to add content to the site and/or create and maintain an online gradebook.

The most popular services provided by D2l include:

Content management and distribution
Discussion Forums

Objective management
Class and Personal Calendars
Class Group Management

If you are new to a Course Management System, constructing a gradebook is always a good place to start. Once the gradebook is constructed, you only need to enter student scores in the designated areas of the gradebook and the computer handles all of the calculations. For additional assistance with your D2L gradebook, contact the Center for Teaching Excellence at (517) 483-1680, or refer to the CTE’s Workshop Calendar for upcoming face-to-face sessions.


The eLearning Department is committed to supporting students and faculty in the area of online learning. They are responsible for the management of the D2L server, CMS policies and procedures, etc. Additionally, they have staff that can assist with online course creation. For information on LCC policies and practices using LCC's Course Management System, visit eLearning’s (Faculty Resources page).

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