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Lesson 7: Summary of Questions to Determine Learning Outcomes Achievement

  1. What does it mean to be a ____________ major?
    1. What should a _____ major know?
    2. What should a _____ major be able to do?
    3. What type of attitude and values should a _____ major have?
    4. What level of knowledge, performance and attitude attainment is acceptable to be able to graduate?
  2. What types of learning opportunities should be provided to enable students to attain the learning outcomes determined above?
  3. What assessment methods should be used to determine whether or not students have attained the outcomes established for the program?

"The starting point for understanding a curriculum is often the same place as the starting point for assessment. Faculty begin by agreeing on the overall focus of their academic program and on their goals and objectives (e.g., learning outcomes) for learning. If clear statements of learning [outcomes] do not exist already, faculty must carefully consider their expectations for their graduates. If statements do exist, faculty should review them to ensure they are reasonable and up-to-date." (Palomba & Banta, p. 274)

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