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Lesson 6: Tips on Administering Tests

  1. Take the test yourself and announce any typo's and/or changes at the onset of the test. Better yet, write them on the board.
  2. Arrive early to answer any last minute questions.
  3. Read the instructions aloud, even if printed on the test.
  4. Encourage students to look over the whole test so that they can use their time more efficiently.
  5. To discourage cheating, always stay in the room, and be watchful, but don't hover.
  6. Keep students apprised of time, particularly if their is no visible clock in the room.
    • Write the beginning and finishing time on the board, and periodically, the time remaining if necessary.
  7. Announce the last "ten minutes."
  8. Keep to the finishing time to be fair to students that end on time.
  9. Do not add time for late arrivals.
  10. Consider a time limit for how late a student can arrive to an exam.
  11. Once the test begins, maintain quiet testing conditions. (i.e., Do not allow students to re-enter the classroom until all students have finished the exam.)
  12. Be consistent in how you handle questions asked during the test.

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