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LCC/CTE Teaching Online Certification Evaluation

Your feedback is critical to improving this seminar and understanding how effective it was in preparing you to teach online. Please use the stars to reflect your experience with 1 star being the lowest value and 5 stars being the highest. Thank you.



1. My previous knowledge/skills of teaching online were...

2. The prerequisites fully prepared me for this online seminar.

3. The organization and format of this online seminar was clear and easy to follow.

4. I had the opportunity to ask for clarification when needed.

5. I found the assigned readings informative and useful.

6. I found the assigned activities relevant and useful.

7. The time and work required to successfully complete this training was...

8. The amount of time recommended (a minimum of 6 to 7 hours per week) to successfully complete this training was...

As a result of participating in this online seminar...

9. I feel confident I can apply the basic skills, knowledge, and applicable instructional technology tools necessary to teach in an online environment.

10. I understand how Master Courses, LOR's, Roster Syncronization and the LCC Express Server work together to manage course content.

11. I understand LCC's Course Management System's standards and policies.

12. I am aware of effective strategies for creating community in an online environment.

13. I have an understanding of the use of various assessment strategies for online learning.

14. I am aware of strategies and resources available to help me manage my time and workload when teaching online.

15. I am aware of resources and strategies available to LCC students to help them be successful in an online course.

16. I have developed the start of an ANGEL course site that I am confident I can build upon in the future.

17. What assignments and/or activities were the most beneficial in preparing you to teach online and why?

18. What assignments and/or activities were the least beneficial in preparing you teach online and why?

19. What suggestions do you have for improving this online seminar?

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey!

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