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Youth Program at LCC Helps Grow
the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

June 30, 2011

Chris Cooks As part of the A+ Summer Youth Program at LCC East, some young entrepreneurs got their first introduction to the world of business. They were part of instructor Lucas Hill's week-long Lemonade Stand course, which helped to take the young students beyond the classic lemonade stand by learning how to start their own businesses and save and spend money. Along the way, they learned about different types of businesses, marketing, money management, market research, product and service development, competition, and business placement.

The students began the week by developing a business idea either to produce a good or provide a service. They then researched the potential demand for their product or service, refined their business idea, decided on its location, figured out how to compete against similar businesses, and formulated a way to market it to their customers. By the end of the week the students were prepared for their final project, a class market.

With parents on hand, students set up their "stores" for business. Students and parents received "currency" to buy goods and services and proceeded to have a great time showing off all their hard work. Hill said, "It was wonderful to see students of such a young age grasp solid business concepts. The class market enabled students to sell their products or services to their parents and fellow students, earmarking an important conclusion to a week full of learning. Several students even told me that they were going to continue their businesses in the real world!"

Entrepreneurship at LCC

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