Foundation Scholarships

The Lansing Community College Foundation offers numerous scholarships, funded by the contributions of businesses, non-profit entities, and individuals, to students who meet the criteria established by the scholarship donors.

Students will be considered for all Foundation scholarships especially those most aligned with their career and academic goals.

Recipients may:

  • Be new or returning students depending upon the scholarship awarded
  • Reside in or out of district depending upon the scholarship awarded
  • Be full-time or part-time depending upon the scholarship awarded

Recipients must:

  • have a minimum cumulative 2.0 grade point average. Many scholarships require a grade point average higher than 2.0.

Award Renewal Requirements

  • Recipients must maintain good academic standing. Falling below a 2.0 GPA will automatically disqualify you for funding the following semester.
  • Recipients must continue to meet the donor criteria for the scholarship awarded.

Application Process

Scholarship applications for the 2017-2018 academic year are now closed. Scholarship applications for 2018-2019 will open January 2018. For more information about scholarships please visit:  Scholarship Application Process

For more information about the Lansing Community College Foundation, visit our website or contact : Lansing Community College Foundation (517) 483-1985 email: