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Having technical trouble or questions? Try using Altiris

Altiris is the system used by the LCC Help Desk to track technical issues / problems. Altiris allows the Help Desk and all LCC employees to submit, monitor and respond to Incidents online. The Altiris web feature is an enhancement - you will still be able to log requests via the telephone (483-5221) or by email (

With Altiris you can-

  • Submit an Incident
  • Check the status of an Incident at any time, even if it has been closed 
  • Respond to a Resolution Technician through the Incident
  • Reopen an Incident if the problem comes back
  • View old Incidents to look up past resolutions
  • *You can still check the status of your Incident online even if you have logged a request via telephone or email!

Options for submitting a Incident

  • Call the Help Desk
  • Email the Help Desk
  • Submit a form via the Help Desk web site
  • Submit an Incident via Altiris

Click on a topic below for detailed instructions

View and Edit an Incident

As shown below, Altiris allows you to view specific information in regard to your Incidents such as

  • Who is responding to your Incident 
  • Comments the Resolution Technician left on your Incident
  • Attachments added to your Incident

To view and edit an incident:

  1. Double click one of your incidents to view it.
  2. Click the Pencil icon.
  3. You can now add a new comment.
  4. Click OK.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a Incident form or call the Help Desk at 483-5221 (1-800-644-4522 - option 4 for long distance)

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