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Updating your Password in Outlook

After resetting your password in Star Port you will need to replace your saved password in Outlook with the new password that you have just set.  To do so please follow the steps below:

Entering a new password in Outlook:

  1. Close Outlook if open
  2. Go to Start->settings->control panel and double click on mail
  3. Click show profiles
  4. click on your profile then click properties
  5. Click E Mail Accounts
  6. View or change existing e-mail account should already be selected so you will just need to click next on this screen. 
  7. Click Change
  8. You should now see the following screen


  1. You will also need to update your password for the Outgoing mail server (SMTP).  Click the more settings button then the outgoing mail tab and select "authentication" from the drop down box.  Enter your new password in the password field.

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