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Vendor Performance Form and

Vendor Performance

The Purchasing Department strives to resolve Vendor performance issues, as well as recognize outstanding Vendor performance. Please follow the steps below to report Vendor performance issues to Purchasing.

Performance Problems

Performance problems include, but are not limited to, product quality, delivery performance, cost performance, cooperation, and quantity. These are defined by our expectations listed below:

Product Quality -

  • Zero defects to the customer

  • Conforming to purchase order specifications

Delivery Performance -

  • Meets agreed delivery Date

  • Delivered per instructions

  • Meets urgent needs and/or short lead times

Cost Performance -

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Price reduction passed on to customer

  • Delivers at quoted prices

Cooperation -

  • Competence and helpfulness of internal/external sales organization

  • Handles problems promptly

  • Invoices correctly

Quantity -

  • 100% quantity delivered to order

  • Backordered items delivered in timely manner

Any problems with Vendors should be reported to the Purchasing Department by completing the Vendor Performance Form.

Outstanding Performance

If a department has received outstanding service from a Vendor, where the Vendor has performed above and beyond the expectations of the contractual agreement, and you would like that Vendor's performance recognized, complete the Vendor Performance Form.

Action by Purchasing

When you complete the online Vendor Performance Form it is automatically forwarded to the Purchasing Customer Advocate. The Purchasing Customer Advocate will contact the Vendor to discuss the report and obtain corrective action. You will be notified of the actions taken to resolve performance issues.

Vendor Performance Evaluation

Each year Purchasing evaluates Vendors who have received ten or more purchase orders in a fiscal year or an order equal to or greater than $25,000. Purchase Orders are reviewed for documentation indicating vendor performance concerns. Vendors who fail to perform in a satisfactory manner are notified and monitored for improvement. Vendors who fail to improve will not receive additional purchase orders. Completion of the Vendor Performance Form is a critical component in evaluating vendor performance.

You can assist in this process by -

  • Inspecting goods and services as soon as possible after delivery

  • Promptly accepting or rejecting goods or services

  • Document noncompliance issues

  • Report Vendor Performance concerns using the online Vendor Performance Form

Please contact Purchasing at (517) 483-1785 if you have any questions.

Vendor Performance Form

Please fill out this form completely to notify Purchasing of any problems with your order. This form may also be used to submit any comments concerning a vendor used by Lansing Community College.

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Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

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