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How Vendors Bid

A vendor should do the following in preparing and submitting bid documents to the Purchasing Department.

  1. Thoroughly read and understand the bid documents, including all specifications, terms and conditions in the solicitation.  Unless otherwise specified in the solicitation, a vendor may contact the buyer whose name appears on the bidding documents for clarification of specifications or terms and conditions.
  2. Clearly note any exceptions to the requested specifications on the bid documents or in a letter of explanation submitted with the bid.  Exceptions may lead to disqualification of the bid for failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the specification.
  3. Indicate the price quotation in the proper areas of the bid in ink for the unit size requested.  Reconcile itemized prices with the total bid price.  Any form of pricing corrections made to the quotation by the bidder prior to submission should be initialed in ink by the person signing the quotation. In the event of un-initialed pricing corrections, the Purchasing Department may require an affidavit from the bidder confirming the price correction was made prior to the bid submission.
  4. Indicate delivery terms and shipment information on the signature page.  If an extended period is inserted instead of a single shipping date, the Purchasing Department will consider the latest date within the period in determining whether or not the bid is responsive.
  5. An officer or authorized agent must sign the quotation in ink.
  6. Based on the specifications contained in the solicitation, and if a brand/model is not suggested, provide complete descriptive literature to document compliance with all specification requirements.
  7. Include literature on alternates from which the Purchasing Department can determine that the bid meets specifications unless the solicitation indicates literature is not required.
  8. Submit the quotation by the stated due date and time, and follow the submission and mailing instructions accompanying the bid.

Special Mailed Bids

Bids submitted to the Purchasing Department via an expedited mail service such as Overnight Letter, Federal Express, Airborne, etc., must still comply with the bid envelope identification instructions.  The bid identifying information must be included on an inside, sealed envelope.  A bid will be disqualified if it does not contain all of the identifying information.  To maintain the integrity of the bid process, this requirement will not be waived.

Inappropriate Specifications

It is the responsibility of the bidder to inform the buyer when the specifications or other bidding requirements are faulty, unnecessary, or inhibit competition for an award.  Inquiries concerning inappropriate specifications should be brought to the buyer's attention as soon as possible so that any valid issues can be addressed in an addendum.  An addendum serves to modify the original solicitation, and may affect specifications, quantities, selection criteria, and pricing.  An addendum would be issued to all of the businesses currently reflected on the bid list.

A vendor questioning the specifications or award criteria contained in a solicitation must raise such an objection, in writing, not less than seven calendar days before the bid due date.  The Purchasing Department shall consider these concerns, and shall issue an addendum, if necessary, to clarify, modify, or cancel the solicitation.

The Purchasing Department may consider questions, but shall not be required to consider new information that is forthcoming prior to the execution of an award.

Telephone conversations with the Purchasing Department or the requesting customer constitute undocumented communications which do not waive or modify the requirements of a solicitation.

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