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Solicitation Requirements

The following are solicitation requirements for bids and/or proposals.

Approved Alternate

The bid solicitation may include a detailed or generic specification and may give one or more commonly known brand names followed by the words "or approved alternate".  An approved alternate must be essentially the same in quality, design and performance as the brand specified in the solicitation.  If the bidder quotes an item which varies from the named brand, the bidder is responsible for identifying those variations as well as the brand offered.  The Purchasing Department will only approve an alternate brand if the bidder provides information establishing to the Purchasing Department's satisfaction that the alternate is equal to, or better than, the named brand.  Acceptance or rejection of an approved alternate is the responsibility, and within the sole discretion, of the Purchasing Department.

If the words "Do Not Substitute" follow a referenced brand, the Purchasing Department will only accept bids for the referenced brand and will not consider bids for equivalents.

Alternate Bids

The Purchasing Department may, in its sole discretion, consider and accept alternate bids which are at variance from the express specifications of the quotation if it is determined that alternate bid will produce supplies and/or services equal to or better than those which would be supplied by following the express specifications of the quotation.  Acceptance of the alternate bid may also occur if the bid is deemed to serve the best interests of the College.

Bid Deposits

A solicitation may require a bid deposit.  A vendor must submit the bid deposit for the amount specified in the solicitation in a form allowing the College unconditional access to the deposit if the bidder withdraws the bid without permission.  Bids submitted without a required bid security deposit are non-responsive and ineligible for award.

The bid security deposit guarantees that the successful vendor will accept a contract, if offered, and furnish the supplies or services as stated in the bid.  If a vendor does not accept the contract and furnish the supplies or services offered, the deposit will revert to the College.

The Purchasing Department will retain the successful vendor's deposit until it receives a signed contract.  If the contract specifications require a performance bond, the Purchasing Department will hold the bid deposit until it receives both the signed contract and the performance bond.  Bid security deposits of unsuccessful vendors will be returned within the time specified in the bid.

Performance Bonds

If a solicitation requires a performance bond, a company authorized to do business in the State of Michigan must issue the bond for the amount stated in the bid.  The bond must be payable to Lansing Community College.  In case of vendor default under a contract, the performance bond guarantees timely compliance with the contract's specifications, terms and conditions.

Purchasing Department at Lansing Community College

Purchasing Department
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Phone: (517) 483-1785
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