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Youth Programs - Science & Math Challenges Program for Grades 5-6

Parent Evaluations

"What a wonderful gift these two weeks have been for Brent!! His mind has been 'turned on' to the world of science. It provided him encouragement that he is a bright young man with much to share. You and all those involved in the Science and Math Challenges make each child comfortable enough to share thoughts and ideas willingly."

"What a great experience for the kids. Thank you for all your work in organizing it."

"Thanks for running and helping with the class. It was a lot of fun and I liked it a lot."

"Summer is a time when she focuses on sports, but academics slide. This has brought academics to the fore, and shown her how fun the different sciences and math can be."

"The program allowed him to have interest piqued in many new areas."

"The whole program was great and so were the teachers."

"He was glad to be going to college."

"She was exposed to science in a fun and challenging way. She has changed her life goal (at age 10) from Nail Technician to Scientist."

"She came home everyday understanding everything she learned and very positive and excited!"

Student Evaluations

"There is this awesome LCC program about science and math."

"You would love it. We got to make Lego cars that you program on the computer. We got to do tests in the chem lab. We got to make aquariums. It was a lot of fun."

"I liked dissecting best! I liked all of my teachers because they were all very helpful and I learned a lot!"

"Come, it's fun and you learn a ton!"

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