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January 16, 2007
Regular Meeting
6:00 p.m.

NOTE: Dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m. in the Administration Building, Room 306.

I. Call to Order by Chairman
II. Roll Call by Secretary to the Board
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Additions/Deletions to the Agenda
V. Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items  
  A. College-Wide Awards/Recognition
VI. Chairman, Committee and Board Member Reports
A. Chairman's Report GP-303
1. Draft Proposal 2 Resolution
2. Draft Naming of Facilities Policy
3. Calendar of Meetings GP-306
    4. Inappropriate Use of Campus Communications  
5. Information and Announcements
    6. Other  
  B. Committee Reports GP-304
    1. Finance Committee - Trustee Rasmusson  
    2. Personnel & Compensation Committee - Trustee Smith  
3. Audit Committee - Trustee Brannan
  C. Board Member Reports  
  1. Trustee Proctor
    a.  Presidential Search Update
    b.  Report from Lyn Beekman
      c.  Workforce Development Update  
VII. President's Report
A. Informational Items EL-206
1. AQIP Update  
2. Strategic Goals  
3. Strategic Communications Plan  
4. Human Resources Audit  Update EL-201
5. Sole Purchase Purchase Report EL-206
6. Human Resources Appointments EL-201
    7. Enrollment Update  
    8. Virtual College Update  
B. Action Items*
1. Approval of Minutes - December 11, 2006 Regular Meeting
2. Renaming of the Gannon Vocational Technical Building  
3. Alcohol Permit Request  
4. Proposed Course Fees Summer/Fall 2007  
5. Community Education Non-Standard Tuition Course Pricing  
6. Finance EL-202
    a.  Amendment to Capital Project Outlay - (Banner)
      b.  Proposed Capital Project Outlay - (HHPS 3rd Floor Renovations)  
      c.  FY07 Budget Amendment  
VIII. Closed Session*
IX. Public Comment
X. Board Evaluation  
X. Adjournment

*Motion to accept.

Lansing Community College Trustees

LCC Board of Trustees
Administration Bldg
Phone: (517) 483-5252
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