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June 21, 2010
6:00 p.m.

Regular Meeting

NOTE: Dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m. in the Administration Building Boardroom, Room 306


Call to Order by Chairperson


Roll Call by Administrative Assistant to the Board


Pledge of Allegiance

IV. Approval of Minutes

May 17, 2010 Regular Board of Trustees Meeting


Additions/Deletions to the Agenda


Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

VII. President's Report
A. Informational
    1. Presentations
      a.  Authorization of New Job Training and Revenue Bond
      b.  Purchasing Department Briefing
      c.  AQIP Strategy Forum Report
      d.  Fall 2010 Registration Schedule Changes

Monthly Financial Statements

B. Consent Agenda
1. Authorization of New Jobs Training and Revenue Bond - General Motors Delta Training
2. Ratification of Health Care Agreement
3. Additional Eligible Adult - HR Policy Revision
    4. Leasing Parking Lot 2 and up to 50 spaces in the North Capitol Ramp from the City of Lansing
    5. Designation of FY 2009-10 Contingency
    6. Change Order Transmittals
      a.  Grigg Media L.L.C.
      b.  Advance Employment Services, Inc.
    7. Invitation for Bids
      a.  Gannon Parking Ramp Exit Lane Widening & Toll Booth Replacement
      b.  College Wide Office Supplies
    8. Request for Proposals
      a.  Cellular Telephone Service & Equipment
      b.  Temporary Staffing Services
      c.  BCI Qualified Supplier - Instructor Pool
      d.  Merchant Processing Services
      e.  Employee Health Insurance Benefits
    9. Sole Source
      a.  Development Dimensions International
      b.  Degree Works and Flexible Registration Bundle


VIII. Chairperson, Committee and Board Member Report
A. Chairperson's Report
    1. Information and Announcements
2. Other
B. Committee Reports
1. Audit Committee Report - Trustee Meyer
2. Career Connections Education Advisory Board - Trustee Meyer
  3. Foundation Board Report - Trustee Canja
4. Mason Local Development Finance Authority - Trustee Smith

Workforce Development Board Report - Trustee Proctor


Closed Session


Public Comment


Board Evaluation

XII. Adjournment

Lansing Community College Trustees

LCC Board of Trustees
Administration Bldg
Phone: (517) 483-5252
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