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Adopted Minutes
March 19, 2001
Regular Board Meeting

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Absent: Canady

Additions/Deletions to the Agenda

The Board agreed to move item B 3 under the President's report, Program Review Recommendations, after public comment.

Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

Sally Pierce, President of the Faculty Association - Last Friday, I sent the Board and the President a letter and I would like to give people the opportunity to ask me questions. Tonight we need to make sure that we're thinking of the impact on the community and the students. Students committed to taking majors at LCC, and whatever program cuts we make the association is hopeful that students will be served and allowed to finish their programs. I want to encourage you to continue to listen to the faculty involved in the programs to figure out the best ways to solve the problems. I think that as Aviation showed you, the faculty know where the solutions lie. Thirdly, I?d like to ask you to please take care of the faculty impacted by any decisions you make tonight. I have a concern with part-timers being used to replace full timers. The final thing I want to say to you is, I reviewed your board packet with interest and looked at the predictions about state appropriations. Last year we received a little over 5% from the State, and this year you're predicting 2.4%. I have slightly different numbers. I just got a document from the MEA. The governor recommended a 3.9% increase for LCC, so we have every reason to expect that the number will not be 2.4; it will be 3.9 or maybe a little better. I brought you a copy of that document.

Carol Thomas - (She distributed to the Board a copy of her speech due to not being able to stay within the three minute time limit. It is on file with the official Board materials.) There are seven major errors in the recommendation to you, and I have outlined them for you in this packet. You have the letter from the executive director of the NCRA dated March 9 outlining what the proposed grant would cover and also their commitment to partner with Lansing Community College's Court Reporting program. There is also a document of a little bit of interest, the bill outlining the grant for the university of Mississippi and they will be starting this grant program in the summer semester. I have a proposal of my own and that is in the packet as well.

Chair Jeffries asked Ms. Thomas to address her proposal.

Carol Thomas - I know there was some discussion about the elusive grant. I spoke with several people at the NCRA today. They are very positive along with our representative, Michael Rogers, and our congressman and woman. We even have a commitment from Mr. Rogers for pushing for the acceptance of this legislation that would give schools a $1 million grant per year with five years renewable. When I spoke with the NCRA who were up on the hill today, they assured me that we had a very good chance of getting this, that we're first in line, it's a shoe in for LCC. I appreciate the fact that that is elusive that's not money in our pocket at this point. But I feel that our program is important enough to the College and to the community that given some more time, let?s get the grant in line, we could do an experimental one semester certificate, but students would not be trained. I would ask the Board to consider this information and leave the program for a little bit more time to put everything into place.

Chair Jeffries asked Ms. Thomas what is the amount time allotted for the currently enrolled students to complete the program.

Ms. Thomas responded it would take most students to complete the program until the Fall of 2003.

Chair Jeffries asked how the recommendation would impact the grant.

Ms. Thomas responded the College would no longer be eligible for the grant because the NCRA has stated that the program must be a viable program. If the program is placed on suspension, that tells the NCRA that the College does not believe in the program unless we get a $1 million grant. The NCRA confirmed that if the program is not a viable, ongoing program the College will not be eligible for the grant.

Trustee Pelleran asked if the NCRA has established grant guidelines.

Ms. Thomas responded that NCRA is working with the University of Mississippi to establish the guidelines.

Trustee Pelleran stated that it is possible that a guideline maybe established that would allow a program that is on suspension to be eligible for the grant.

Ms. Thomas stated that was not her understanding. The guidelines that were discussed were in the areas of student recruitment, scholarships, job placement, curriculum development and distance learning. The programs that are requesting the monies would have to be approved programs, but viable, ongoing programs.

Trustee Pelleran asked if this was stated in the proposed language.

Ms. Thomas responded that it was not.

Justin Brewer - Due to the lack of time I have, I hope you will forgive my lack of formalities and excuse my rhetorical questions. I am here to persuade you, the Board of Trustees, of making a grave mistake. The mistake of repeating history. I'm here on the behalf and in the hopes of keeping the dance program as well as making universal points for the rest of the programs up for dismissal. I was walking through the TLC building today, and I saw the values compact endorsed by this Board and the President's Cabinet. I hope you all remember it. If not, I will refresh your memories. The first line states, ?Lansing Community College exists to serve this community and all its members.? A very bold statement. To serve the community and all of its members. So, I pose the question. Are we serving every little ballerina that dreams to someday to a big ballerina? Are we serving the people who want to someday be in a Broadway musical? Education is not a one size fits all. My shoes don't fit your shoes, and your shoes don't fit mine. What happened with diversity in education? We don't discriminate against individuals; we value every individual according to the values compact hanging in the TLC. Yet, you all sit here ready to judge these programs filled with individuals. How is that any different than discrimination? It's not. You?re basically telling that little girl that the dream of dancing when she grows up doesn?t matter to you, and you're telling her to go someplace else. As the Board of Trustees, you stated that enrollment is low. This is true. I agree, but could this problem stem from lack of proper advertising and marketing? This is a business after all, and just like any business that has no marketing budget the dance program is doomed to fail. Lansing Community College pushes their technical programs all over the state. LCC's automotive department because of GM and computer information systems are advertised on the television. When was the last commercial for the dance, court reporting, or dental program? It just so happens that the technical programs are doing well with enrollment. Maybe it's because people in the community see we have these programs. I would bet that if you remove marketing budgets from all the programs that have them currently, those programs would fall in enrollment as well. So, if you would market the dance program on TV and in high schools before cutting the program, their enrollment would rise as well. In 1987 according to the College for All Seasons: A history of Lansing Community College 1957-1987, a book that I found in the TLC today, Lansing Community College offered 200 degree and certificate programs over 3,000 courses. In 1987, the Fall enrollment was 21,153 students. The second highest of fall enrollment ever. Now according to publications, we offer only 160 degree programs and only 2,500 courses. Our enrollment in 2000 was a mere 16,011 students. Do you not find my point yet? It's this. You cut programs, you cut enrollment, pure and simple. I would hope you do not repeat the mistakes of the College's past. If you choose to keep these programs as they are because people do dream and I hope LCC is here to help students with their dreams. Please don't repeat history.

Julie Jasman - I wanted to say a personal thank you in regards to your deliberations of the Aviation Program in voting to retain that. I would like once again to invite you to see what you kept, see what we do. It's a lot of fun. Charlie, I wanted to say thank you also to you. You spent a lot of time at the Flight Center and asking a lot of questions. Also, pulling information. President Cunningham and Dr. Wimbish also spent quite a bit of time there in meeting with us personally. I did speak with almost everybody. You did take the time to return my calls. I hope with the remaining programs, I hope there is a lot forethought in your decisions. LCC is a great place and there is a lot people here and we live in a very diverse community. I teach my children you have to be out there to be able to compete. I have a daughter who starts college in another year, and she?s thinking of coming here. I would like her to have that diverse education to be able to choose from many different things. I have two more to follow and I hope they will follow in her footsteps as well. Again, I hope there is a lot of forethought. There are people that are affected, they may be few, but they are just as important as the rest. Thank you.

Ms. Jolyan , resident of Lansing - I am concerned in general about the cuts. Tonight I?d like to address the dance program and just appreciation as a Lansing resident to the wonderful, creative performances that are put on several times a year by the department of dance. Frankly, I would much rather go to one of these vibrant, creative programs than a program at the Wharton Center. It really offers creativity, vitality, diversity of age, gender, ethnicity that is not available through other resources. I think it's wonderful that the dance program is considering the internship program. I wonder if it's possible that both might be considered the merits of the internship program as well as keeping the two-year degree program that would fulfill the needs of some students that are caught in the gap. There is value to this transferring to a four-year program in a related field. I wonder about the possibilities of creative funding, creative taxation. As a citizen, these performances are very valuable. I pay several hundred dollars in school taxes. I would be readily willing to pay a proportionate share to support some of the programs that are being cut. What about having an option in taxation? On our federal taxes there was a dollar option for campaign or financial support of presidential candidates. What about having check boxes to support specific programs? What about augmenting sponsorship programs? What about soliciting funds from students at registration, also on an optional basis? Volunteer sponsorship. I really urge you to consider many creative ways of soliciting additional funds and financing before you cut any of the programs that you are considering today.

President's Report, Program Review Recommendations

President Cunningham gave a brief history on program review. The purpose of the program review process is a direct result of the community having spoken about areas of need. The community would like the college to reallocate dollars into high growth areas. Some of those areas are as follows: Math and Science, financial assistance, developmental courses, automotive related, health care and the entire area of information technology. Other areas needing additional financial resources include faculty equity and the facilities master plan. There is a systematic and methodical process. The College's core business is teaching, learning and the academic areas were reviewed first. Support services will then be reviewed to enhance teaching and learning.

She stated that students who are currently enrolled in the programs would work with an LCC advisor to establish timelines and to explore options for making certain that they can successfully complete the program.

President Cunningham presented the Dance Program recommendation, which is to eliminate the Dance associates degree. Elimination of all dance classes has never been recommended. In 1999-2000 there was one student who graduated with an Associates Degree in Dance, and four students within the last three years that graduated with associates degrees. The recommendation is that the College partner with HappenDance and the Lansing Dance Chamber who have indicated their willingness to offer top quality dance internships to LCC students who want to continue their dance experience at the more advanced levels.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Holden and supported by Trustee Creamer to accept the President's recommendation for the Dance Program.

Trustee Creamer asked staff to develop a marketing plan for programs that have very specific constituencies. He suggested that a formal evaluation be conducted relative to the internships after the first internship is completed.

Trustee Rasmusson agreed with the comments of Trustee Creamer. The Dance program could have been saved if marketing would have been improved for the program. However, faculty equity is going to have a financial effect on the college. He said that the College should not use tax dollars for programs such as Dance that, at the present time, show a very small enrollment. He hopes marketing will help revive the Dance program and he will support the motion.

Trustee Pelleran stated that the Dance Program has a great impact on the community. She complimented everyone that worked on this and agreed with Trustee Rasmusson, but the Board needs to look at the priorities. She asked administration to be sensitive if the decision affects full time faculty. She appreciated the sensitivity the College has to performing arts.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson, Creamer, Holden
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

President Cunningham presented the recommendation for the Court Reporting program. The recommendation is to suspend the Court Reporting Associate Degree program, and a one-year realtime reporting certificate program will be explored. This proposal has been supported by the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association). Three students graduated from this program last year.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Patterson to accept the President's recommendation regarding the Court Reporting program.

Trustee Pelleran asked that the administration write a letter to the University of Mississippi asking them to include in their guidelines sensitivity to programs that have been in place, but have been suspended.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Rasmusson, Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

President Cunningham presented the Dental Assistant program review recommendation, which is to discontinue enrolling students, but maintain its accreditation status. The current accreditation can be maintained for two years this will allow time to work with the Central District Dental Association, which is at their request, to determine how to establish a partnership in refocusing the Dental Assistant program. The College will continue to work with the currently enrolled students in the program. There were 14 students that graduated from this program last year.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Patterson and supported by Trustee Pelleran to accept the President's recommendation regarding the Dental Assistant Program.

Trustee Creamer stated that with the Dental Assistant program there were great opportunities for revival. The information the Dental Advisory Committee provided was extremely creative. He suggested for the five community colleges in the region to offer a regional program for dental assistants, and out-of-districts students could be offered in-district tuition in order to take advantage of the overall need in the regional area. Time did not allow the College to look at this seriously, but this could be a test for programs that are in the same situation. He stated that he would not be supporting this motion.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Pelleran, Rasmusson, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson
Nays: Creamer
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

President Cunningham stated that the recommendation for the Medical Assistant program is to suspend the program and request that the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education place the current 5-year accreditation on probationary status. There are currently no students enrolled in the program and last year eight students graduated.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Holden and supported by Trustee Patterson to accept the President's recommendation regarding the Medical Assistant program.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson, Creamer, Holden
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

President Cunningham presented the recommendation for the Quality Assurance associates degree program, which is to discontinue the program and integrate current credit quality courses and BCI training into certificates of completion in quality. Students will be eligible to complete quality certification by itself, or within selected technical or business associate degree programs. Last year five students received an associates degree in Quality Assurance.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Creamer and supported by Trustee Patterson to accept the President's program review recommendation regarding the Quality Assurance program.

Trustee Rasmusson stated he contacted someone in business and someone in labor and did not hear a ringing endorsement for keeping the degree program.

Trustee Holden stated she spoke with individuals in the manufacturing field and it was universal that the integrated approach is absolutely needed.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson, Creamer
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

President Cunningham stated she appreciated the Board's support. This has been a very trying time and stated that Trustee Canady did call in and is home ill and asked that the record show he supported the program review recommendations presented to the Board. She thanked the community for their support and their creative solutions. Over $500,000 in partnerships with the community has resulted and the allocation of resources to the high growth areas is still possible. This would not have been possible without the community stepping up such as AeroGenesis, United Express, HappenDance, Lansing Dance Chamber, and Chris Holman, at the Greater Lansing Business Monthly, for advertising. She also thanked the staff that sat down to develop creative solutions.

Trustee Patterson stated given the volumes of information that have been provided to the Board he was totally prepared tonight to vote as he felt was the right decision. Trustee Patterson stated that it is difficult for him to say that the college will do more and more with the resources that are available, and it is about taking care of the resources and revenues that are available. He thanked everyone for their input and their support and stated that Program Review is not over yet. The key is how do people react to the decisions and how does the College get through it. These hard decisions need to be made.

Trustee Pelleran stated that these decisions are not easy. She appreciated the input the community has provided and everyone who participated in the program review process.

Trustee Holden stated the program review process contributes to obtaining quality courses which was part of the strategic plan.

Chair Jeffries agreed with the comments made by the other trustees. He thanked the Board for the work they?ve done and standing behind the strategic plan and standing behind the administration. He appreciates the partnerships that have been created and the work of the due diligence team.

The Board took a short recess at 7:05 p.m. and reconvened at 7:18 p.m.

Chairperson and Board Member Reports

Chairperson Report

There was not a report from Chairperson Jeffries.

Board Member Reports

Trustee Patterson - He reported on the College's activity and his participation with the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) and the Association for Community College Trustees (ACCT). MCCA is tracking legislation, which he provided information to the Board through the staff. He invited the Board members to attend the MCCA summer workshop.

He attended an ACCT conference in Washington, DC, and met with Senator Stabenow and the State Delegation. Trustee Patterson stated he sent the Board an article regarding the socioeconomic model. ACCT has funded the first phase of the socioeconomic model. He encouraged the College to continue to pursue researching the socioeconomic model. ACCT has conducted seven studies and as a result they have found that developmental education is the most profitable area for community colleges.

Trustee Pelleran - She reported on her attendance at the annual meeting of Capitol Area Michigan Works! They heard from Mr. McElroy who is now the president of the Michigan Manufacturers Association. Mr. McElroy indicated that he has a vested interest in community colleges and sees the need and value of the community colleges with regard to workforce development as well as career patterns in manufacturing.

Trustee Pelleran attended the legislative breakfast for the Ingham Intermediate School Officers Association. Representatives Paul DeWeese, Virgel Bernero, and Michael Murphy as well as Senator Diane Byrum discussed legislation that is affecting them. There was discussion regarding mental health children that are being overlooked due to budgetary constraints.

President's Report


There was no information given related to negotiations.

Budget Update

Vice President Barbara Larson gave a brief overview of the revenue picture for next year. (Presentation is on file with the official Board materials.) An approximate 3.3% increase is estimated and is low compared to what had been received in previous years. She presented percentage changes for the three revenue sources, which are state appropriations, property taxes, and tuition. These three revenue sources make up 95% of the College's revenue. Next year a 2.4% increase in state aid is projected. She addressed Ms. Sally Pierce?s public comments earlier regarding the 3.9% increase, which is based on the repeal of the Michigan tuition tax credit, which is the extra 1.5% over the 2.4% increase. The Governor also proposed that last year and Congress denied it. She said that they are hearing from the State that it is highly unlikely that the legislators will choose to vote down the Michigan tuition tax credit. In the administrative areas, reductions of $1 million to a $1.2 million are projected in putting the budget together.

Trustee Patterson asked where does the college seek additional revenue other than the ability to look at service and program review.

Vice President Larson responded that with the program review process it has developed partnerships and scholarships. She said that other options are being reviewed by the Funding Task Force, which include operational millages, annexation, or increasing tuition and fees.

President Cunningham stated that efforts will continue to identify continuous revenue streams to make certain that the College is prepared for what might be a shortage in state appropriations.

Chair Jeffries stated that there was a report distributed by the Department of Treasury regarding the tuition tax credit. Over 7,000 LCC students a year take advantage of the tax credit and it generates over $600,000 for them. Student will be affected if the College considers getting an increase in appropriations by eliminating the tuition tax credit. The College cannot do equity on the back of the students. This Board has worked very hard to keep tuition increases under the rate of inflation so students can take advantage of the tuition tax credit.

Trustee Patterson reported that the MCCA is involved in a movement regarding additional funding for community colleges. There are inequities in the state appropriations and people are starting to pay attention.

Human Resources



Denice Beckwith, Director, Operations and Budget, Business Office Administrative Services

Sabbatical Leave Requests

Mary Jo Hardy, Professor, Physical Fitness and Wellness, Liberal Studies

Teresa Purvis, Professor, Humanities and Performing Arts, Liberal Studies

Finance Update-Approval of Bids

One bid was presented to the Board for approval. The proposal was for roof replacement of the Arts and Sciences building and C. Davis Roofing was awarded the bid.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Patterson and supported by Trustee Holden to accept the President's report as presented.

Ayes: Creamer, Holden, Jeffries, Patterson, Pelleran, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

Public Comment

There was no public comment.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


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